Termites and Teens

The average teen boy should consume 2,400 calories a day for a healthy lifestyle. But for most teenagers 2,400 calories just isn’t enough. Many a parent can attest to the unquenchable hunger of teens, that leave buckets of chicken emptied, pizzas disappearing as if by magic, and hot dogs–well, those don’t stand a chance. Termites have a similar unquenchable hunger, a hunger for wood. And, just as food will go missing from your fridge and cabinets overnight and leave you regretting the day you ever had those hungry lifeforms, termites can silently eat away at the support beams and load bearing walls in your house, leaving you wondering how they could do this for years without you knowing.

Termite Signs

There are a few ways to know if your house has a termite infestation. It is only when a colony has been within your home for multiple years that you will see the biggest, most obvious signs. Recognizable damage to your walls, floors, and ceilings, and a visual sag in your floor are clear indicators that termites have already been occupying your home for years.

Termite swarmers found around your living spaces are key indicators that you have a mature colony living inside your home. Swarmers can also exit your home and be found on your exterior walls and on window frames.

Mud tubes found crawling up your exterior foundation reveal termite entry points. These gateways allow termites passage from the outside world, into the wood filled interior of your home. These mud tubes can be as small as the length and width of a pencil, so be thorough in your search. Once you are sure your wall voids and attic spaces are termite free, use these following tips to help prevent any future termite invasion.

Termite Prevention

  • Seal any gaps or holes found in your foundation and fix any broken siding.
  • Remove or fix any sources of water build up, such as leaky pipes, broken appliances or dripping faucets.
  • Stack any dead wood at least 20 feet from your home and off of the ground.
  • Remove any large pieces of dead wood such as tree stumps or fallen trees.
  • Keep all mulch and soil 15 inches from your foundation and away from direct contact with the walls of your home.
  • Keep your attic and crawl spaces properly ventilated to assure a dry uninviting environment for termites.

Though teens and termites both eat you out of house and home, it’s obvious which is preferable. As always, the best termite extermination and prevention comes only from the pros. Call your local pest control agency and have an inspector do a full inspection. Food is expensive whether it is several boxes of Captain Crunch or the wood support beams in your house. Save money and protect your home from these hungry insects.

What On Earth Is A Termite Swarmer?

Have you found little silver winged insects crawling all over the walls and window sills of your Macon Georgia home? Are their wings the same size on both sides, and are their bodies pill shaped? I’m sorry to tell you this, but you have termites. Notice I didn’t say, “you’re about to have termites.” If you have these little bugs crawling around inside your home, you’re in some trouble.

What do swarmers mean?

Swarmers are reproductive termites. They do not eat the wood of your home. But before you wipe the back of your hand across your forehead in relief, you’re going to want to know these simple facts.

  • Swarmers do not fly very far. They are actually quite horrible flyers. If they travel more than a hundred yards it is only because the wind caught them. That means these swarmers came from somewhere close. It might be a neighbor’s house. It might be a tree or hole near your property. But it is more likely that they came from within your own walls.
  • There is more bad news. Swarmers are evidence of a mature colony. If the colony is living and feeding within your walls it has been there for a few years. And subterranean termites can do a ton of damage in that amount of time.
  • Just as termites can eat away at your home without you knowing, swarmers can avoid your detection. These swarms can come and go quickly, sometimes lasting only a few short hours. If this has happened, you may find evidence of it. These reproductives lose their wings after mating, and you will find these gossamer wings laying around. If you discover wings, call a professional pest control company immediately. A mature subterranean termite colony is not something you should ever take lightly.
  • If those swarmers are from a neighbor’s house or the nearby woods, it is still not cause to relax. Though swarmers don’t eat wood or build mud tubes, their offspring will. Those male and female termites have only one thing on their mind: making babies.

The climate in Georgia is perfect for termites. Don’t risk your home to termites. If you live in Georgia you’re in the coverage area of Active Pest Control–your Macon termite exterminators. They have the tools to safely, and economically, protect your property from termites–not after the damage is done–but before they can even get inside and start eating paths through your support beams. You’ve put a lot of money into your property, it just makes sense to protect your investment.


Termites In Tennessee

Have you found transparent silver wings on your window sills or back porch–or worse–have you found a swarm of winged insects crawling around on the wood in your backyard? There are two types of insects that are drawn to moist, decaying wood, and neither of them are good to have in your backyard. Let’s take a look.

What are these winged insects?

Carpenter ants and termites are both a swarming insect that you will find crawling on wood. Neither of these two insects are good to have in your backyard, but termites are decidedly more dangerous. Each year carpenter ants do millions of dollars to property in the United States. Termite damage is in the billions.

How do I tell them apart?

There are two distinct way to tell the difference between termite swarmers and ant swarmers. If you’re bold enough to grab one by the wings, you can lift it up and examine its body. Ant swarmers will have a very thin waist, termites have no waist at all. If you are not bold enough to pick them up, you can look to see if there are wingless ants crawling around with the swarmers. The presence of these wingless ants is a clear sign that you have an ant swarm.

Is it possible for this swarm to pass me by?

If you have a termite swarm in your yard you should know that it is a very bad sign. Termite colonies do not swarm at first. The colony must mature. This can take a few years. You should also know that swarmers are terrible fliers and they will not be found too far from this mature colony. Often the mature colony is on your property, or inside your home. That means you have a termite colony that has been eating your home for several years. And, even if it didn’t originate from your home, it will not be passing you by. Termite swarmers don’t go far.

One more thing to know.

A swarm can happen quickly. If it does, you may not see the swarm, but instead, find your yard littered with the wings they shed after mating. If you find wings, you should immediately call a pest control company.

If you live in our area, you should never be without termite protection. Subterranean termites are a ferocious and silent wood eater. Don’t wait till you see the swarms. Get your home equity protected today.