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Termite Awareness Week

It’s officially Termite Awareness Week, and it’s more important than ever to know the facts. This week and all year long, the team at Active Pest Control aims to spread awareness about the extensive damage done by termites. In this article, we’ve provided you with a series of informational videos discussing the signs of termite activity, prevention tips, and how to protect your home from these wood-destroying insects. Keep reading to learn how to stay termite-free in Atlanta GA!

5 Signs of Termites

  1. Swarmers, which are winged termites that emerge in large groups and fly to their destination.
  2. Often the first visible sign of termites, wings are shed by swarmers and left in piles.
  3. Blistering wood damaged by termites can be rotten and hollow-sounding.
  4. Often confused with sawdust, termite droppings (frass) are wood-colored.
  5. Besides swarmers, mud tubes are the most common sign of subterranean termites.

How to Prevent Termites

There are several ways you can lessen the risk of getting a termite infestation. It’s important to keep firewood and any mulch at a distance from the foundation of your home. Similarly, always remove excess wood from your property, including construction lumber,  fallen trees, and stumps. In addition, be proactive about avoiding moisture-damaged wood by promptly repairing leaky faucets and poor drainage problems. Lastly, ensure you have a continuous termite monitoring, baiting, or protection plan in place from your termite exterminators!

Termite Protection & Treatment

Here at Active Pest Control, we provide our customers with the most effective, safest termite treatment options. Check out the video to see our preferred methods of preventing and controlling termites. If you’re unsure which termite control method will work best for you, we’d be happy to discuss your best options with you and customize a termite control plan!

Termite Awareness Week in Georgia

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