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The Problem With Fire Ants in Georgia

If you’ve ever stepped on a fire ant hill, you know that it doesn’t take long for these ants to get your attention. While their stings aren’t too bad for most of us, they are painful enough to make us take notice. But, there are some who have to worry a little more about fire ants than the rest of us. To them, fire ants are not an irritant. They can be dangerous.

When fire ants bite, most of us can get away fairly quickly, or simply brush them off. This is one of the key reasons they aren’t a threat to most people. But those who can’t get away and those who can’t brush them off will sustain more bites and more venom. And, in large doses, the alkaloid venom of fire ants can become toxic. That is why it is vital to search the ground if you’ll be laying a baby carrier down. Babies are not equipped with the motor skills to stop fire ants, nor are they capable of getting up and moving away. They will, however, cry. So, be aware that a baby sitting in a carrier on the ground may not be crying for food or attention. They may have a serious problem.

Others at risk for multiple fire ant bites are people who are incapacitated, weak, or disabled. If you care for people with serious illness or incapacitation, always be on the lookout for fire ants. This is especially true for people who have compromised immune systems as a result of their illness.

Some people are allergic to fire ants. For this group, fire ant bites can lead to a life-threatening reaction. Onset symptoms include itching, difficulty breathing, a swelling of the tongue or throat, dizziness, cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. If early symptoms are not caught, it can lead to anaphylaxis. When anaphylaxis occurs, it often occurs quickly and can lead to anaphylactic shock. But, it is important to understand that anaphylaxis can occur without shock. In fact, over a decade of research has revealed that more than half of patients show no signs of shock during controlled studies. So, it is vital to recognize dizziness, cramps, and other symptoms of poor blood flow to internal organs, which is the result of a toxic reaction.

The best way to safeguard against harmful insects, like fire ants, is to not have those insects around at all. If you need assistance removing these pests from your home or business, find out if you’re in our extensive service area. When fire ants are all gone, it’s Active Pest Control.

The Problem With Fire Ants in Georgia in Georgia

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