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The Wildlife In Georgia

Who doesn’t love a squirrel? When you were a child, did you stop every time you saw one run along the fence top or scramble up a tree? Do you still stop when you see one out the sliding glass door or on your way into your house? Squirrels are fun. I bet you didn’t expect to hear a pest control company say that! But it’s true. We love squirrels, and other furry animals that accidentally come onto our property, as much as you do. We think it is cool to see a raccoon scurrying along a wall, a gopher making a mad dash for a hole under the shed, a squirrel bounding across the railing on the deck, and a skunk–okay, maybe not a skunk, but you get the point. Furry animals are adorable. And, the pest professionals here at Active Pest Control are not immune to their effect. We love them as much as you do. But, here are a few things we don’t like about them, and we bet you’ll agree.

  • When animals get into the trash, they end up tipping the barrels over and spreading that trash all over the yard.
  • Though they don’t mean to, furry animals bring ticks, fleas, lice, and mites into our yards, and sometimes, into our homes as well.
  • Some creatures chew on our property and make holes in the wood, and rip up other items on our property.
  • It is no fun to find out a cute little furry animal has enjoyed the vegetables in the garden or destroyed an ornamental plant in the yard. It is even more frustrating to realize that something has been damaging the bark on an important tree and that the tree may end up dying.
  • Finding feces and urine spread around the attic is never pleasant.
  • When wildlife, especially rodents, get into the pantry or food storage areas, they chew holes in things and leave their droppings and urine while they explore shelves and packaging.
  • It is never ever fun to get bitten by a scared animal–or an animal that is protecting its young.
  • When wildlife gets into the attic and into the wall voids, we can live without the scratching, bumping and squeaking.

If you agree, we hope you will also agree that it is better to manage these animals so they don’t have free reign in our yards, and easy access to our homes. At Active Pest Control, we use advanced Integrated Pest Management methods and trusted protocols to control and exclude wildlife. Reach out to Active Pest Control for safe and humane trapping, exclusion services to seal entry points, and advanced pest management services to monitor and control animal populations. Just because those animals are cute, doesn’t mean we should allow them to damage our property and threaten the health and well being of our families and our pets. Get your protection in place today.

The Wildlife In Georgia in Georgia

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