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Top Signs That I Have Bats In My Home

Have you heard the saying, “He’s got bats in his belfry?” It was probably said because someone saw the signs of “bats” in that person’s “belfry,” signs we will not go into here. However, we do want to talk about real signs of real bats in your Macon, Georgia belfry–or in your attic, wall voids, chimney gaps, and other undisturbed locations. It is important to know the signs of bats in your home because there are problems associated with bats that may be of concern to you and your family.

Signs That Bats May Be In Your Home Include:

  • Seeing a bat on the outside of your home: If you have bats on the outside of your home, and your home has holes in it, then that bat could easily get in. If you see a bat disappear into a hole on your house, then you certainly have bats in your home.
  • Noises in walls: This may be a sign of mice or rats, but mice and rats are usually quiet if you thump on a wall. Give your wall a thump. If you hear a reaction from the other side, it is likely that you have bats.
  • Night chirping noises: Bats make chirping noises. If you are hearing this inside your home, you probably have bats.
  • Guano: Bat droppings are called guano. If you are seeing these droppings outside your home, especially where they are entering and exiting, you likely have bats in your home.

Although it doesn’t happen a lot, bats can, and do, bite. And, according to the CDC, bats are the number-one threat for rabies in the United States. It is also important to stress that bat bites can and do occur when inexperienced people try to remove them on their own. Bats can be very unpredictable if they are threatened or cornered, especially if they are infected with the rabies virus. If you need to remove a bat from your home, be sure to enlist the help of a professional pest control company. In addition to rabies, bats are also a threat because they can carry and spread some dangerous diseases through exposure to their guano.

To find ways to not attract bats to your home, a great idea is to do an internet search on how TO attract bats–and do the opposite. For instance, bats are attracted to bugs; lots of bugs. If you do not have lots of bugs on your property, you are unlikely to have bats. And if you have bats on your property, and you have holes in your exterior walls, those holes can allow those bats to find their way into your home. So, it stands to reason, if you can reduce insects on your property, and seal up any entry points on your home, you will be able to reduce your chances of having a bat problem.

Active Pest Control can help you with both of these issues. Not only can we take care of a current bat infestation, we can change the conditions in and around your home so that bats, and other pests, are not attracted to your home, and cannot get in. Don’t let people say that you have bats in your belfry. Get help today.

Top Signs That I Have Bats In My Home in Georgia

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