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What Is Animal Control?

Many towns and principalities have an animal control department. You might even have one in your area. If a dangerous animal comes onto your property, animal control will come to your rescue. But the scope of their commission is limited, and danger comes in many forms.

Wildlife Threats

There are many types of animals and some of these threats cross over to several animals.

  • Many wild animals spread bacteria. They forage in dumpsters and travel through sewer pipes and culverts before they chew their way into your home–and eventually into your food. These bacteria cause stomach pains, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and other flu-like symptoms.
  • Animals live in the wild, and pick up parasites while there. Creatures with fur can carry ticks, mites, fleas, and lice. Creatures with feathers can have ectoparasites like bed bugs, mealworms, and chicken mites. Some of these parasites can work their way throughout your home.
  • Many animals damage property. Rodents will chew insulation, wood beams, sheetrock, and wires. This makes them a fire hazard. Pest birds can also be a fire hazard, by nesting in electrical boxes. Raccoons and other large animals can damage siding, windows, and window framing.
  • All animals leave feces when they inhabit a man made structure. Some animal s, like the bat, can coat an attic with their droppings. Some, like pigeons, have droppings that are corrosive and can eat away at metal, concrete, and paint. But the most dangerous animals are the ones whose droppings carry diseases–pest birds, rats, mice, and bats being the most dangerous.
  • Animals get into food, dishes, and silverware, contaminating them.
  • Wild animals are wild and unpredictable. Even a creature that appears docile can turn quickly and bite. This makes them a rabies risk.
  • Some animals are known for one threat, but pose other threats homeowners aren’t even aware of. If you have a skunk living under your porch, your nose will immediately confirm that it is bad to have a skunk around. But skunks can bite, and they spread parasites as well.

If you have animal problems, you need a pest control company that knows how to manage wild animal infestations, seal entry points, and cleanse infected areas. If you live in Atlanta or surrounding Georgia areas, see if you are in the coverage area of Active Pest Control. They are an Angie’s list 2013 Super Service Award winner, and certified QualityPro pest company. Trust your home to a company with a proven track record, and protect your family from the dangers of wildlife infestation.




What Is Animal Control? in Georgia

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