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Post Vacation Bed Bug Tips

You just got home from a relaxing vacation in the Caribbean…fast forward a few weeks and you have now realized that you brought home with you more than sea shells and trinkets. This unwanted souvenir is a bed bug and now all the unwinding you did in the tropics is completely overshadowed by the stress these pests have created. No one wants the memories of a great vacation replaced by bed bugs.

While bed bugs pose no known risks to the health of humans, that doesn’t mean anyone wants them in their home. Bed bugs generally only come out at night to feed. Their meal of choice, human blood. Sounds like something out of a horror movie doesn’t it? They leave behind red, rash-like bumps that itch. While they are more of a nuisance than anything, the idea of bugs crawling on you, biting you while you sleep can make it rather difficult to get any rest.

There are some things you can do to try to avoid a bed bug infestation after you get home from your trip.

  • Before you leave for you vacation, leave trash bags in your car. When you get home from your trip, put your luggage in the trash bags and leave them there until you are able to get them thoroughly cleaned.
  • While in your hotel, avoid unpacking your clothing. Don’t leave your suitcase on the floor, and if possible, leave your suitcase in the bathroom.
  • Take a few minutes to look around the crevices and cracks of the hotels mattress and bedding with a flashlight. If you think you see any signs of bed bugs, ask for a different room on a different floor.
  • When you get back from your vacation, remove your luggage from the tied off trash bags when you’re ready to wash your items. Wash all clothing in hot water as hot as your washing machine will allow. Anything that cannot be washed should be tossed, if at all possible.
  • Vacuum out your suitcase before you put it back in your closet and as close to the door as possible (outside would be best).
  • Keep an eye out for the signs of bed bugs once you get home. Signs include copper stains on sheets, discarded bed bug skins, rash-like red, itchy bumps on your body or spotting bed bugs or bed bug eggs.

If you think you may have brought bed bugs home with you from vacation, it is important to contact a professional as soon as possible. Bed bugs can multiply quickly and it doesn’t take long for a couple bed bugs to become an infestation and many over the counter pesticides won’t help with these guys! However, the pros at Active Pest Control can!

Post Vacation Bed Bug Tips in Georgia

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