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Spiders In Atlanta

Most household infesting bugs look for a place to hide when the temperatures drop. They squeeze in through ripped screens, torn shingles, damaged rooflines, and anywhere they can find a hole. Once inside, they search tirelessly for food sources to draw energy from, and drive you crazy while they’re at it.

With spiders there is good news and bad news. The good news is: spiders have a natural antifreeze that keeps them from getting chilled. They can easily live and crawl around your Atlanta home all year round without any need to escape the dropping temperatures. The bad news is: they have other reasons for wanting to enter your home–and no, it isn’t for the food. Knowing why spiders enter your home can help you exclude them and protect your family from accidentally getting bitten.

This might come as a shock to you, but spiders have no interest in biting you. They are not blood eaters. They prefer to eat nice juicy bugs. In fact, that is the main reason they enter homes. They are looking for some scrumptious delicacies to feast on. The more bugs you have in and around your home, the more spiders you will have. Period. The key to getting rid of spiders is to get rid of all those other household bugs. Hide food sources, seal trash cans, don’t leave fruit out to ripen on the table, put dishes in soapy water, replace exterior white lights with yellow insect-resistant lights, and keep your screens in proper working order.

While moving through your house, spiders will seek places to take cover–not from you, but from predators. Even a black widow and brown recluse with their nasty venom have critters that are willing to eat them. You might be surprised to know that wasps and praying mantis consider black widows a pretty good meal. That is why they seek places to hide, like boxes, clothing, shoes, and bath towels. Always be cautious when opening a box from your attic, shake clothing before putting them on, and be careful picking up anything that has been laying on the floor. Poisonous spiders hide under these things. This is especially true if you are in your yard where spiders roam freely. Use gloves when turning over rocks, sandbags, construction material, and other items lying on the ground. Poisonous bites happen when these spiders are brought into contact with your skin.

If you find spiders in your Atlanta home, call the Atlanta spider exterminators at Active Pest Control. The good news is they have over 40 years of experience protecting homes from invasive pests. And … there is no bad news.

Spiders In Atlanta in Georgia

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