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Why Silverfish Enter Our Homes

A silverfish seen in Atlanta GA - Active Pest ControlAll sorts of pests look to take refuge in our homes when the rainy seasons come around. Unfortunately, if features around your home are attractive to pests, they are likely to end up living on your property and inside your house for the winter.

Some of the worst offenders here in Atlanta GA are silverfish. These insects proliferate in moist environments, making the fall and winter seasons their time to thrive. Whether you’re not sure what pests are living in your bathroom and crawl spaces or you’re used to silverfish infestations, read on. Our expert technicians will teach you how to get rid of silverfish by attacking what attracts them.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are small, wingless insects that usually only reach about ¾” in length. Their bodies are flat with uniquely long antennae and silver scales. In the right conditions, they can live for up to three years.

But what are the right conditions? Silverfish are one of the least picky pests in Atlanta in terms of their dietary preferences. They will eat cellulose in any available form, whether that be in wooden furniture, paper, or your home’s structure. They also eat clothing, curtains, and wallpaper, and even go so far as to eat starch, glue, and other materials in the sizing in paper products.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Unfortunately, it’s much harder to get rid of silverfish than it is to prevent them. If you’re experiencing a silverfish infestation right now, these are some of the conditions that might have drawn them in:

  • Piles of yard waste left out
  • Broken gutters leaving pools of standing water
  • Decks, porches, or patios with open dirt spaces underneath
  • Excessive shade keeping rainwater from drying in the soil

To get rid of silverfish, you have to create an inhospitable environment. Using dehumidifiers in spaces where they gather will help to clear them out. To prevent them from getting in, fill any holes in your siding, walls, or foundation that provide access to your home from the outside. Additionally, pour out any sources of standing water and clear out any excess yard waste piling up in your lawn. General home maintenance goes a long way in preventing silverfish!

Professional Silverfish Pest Control in Atlanta GA

If you need to get silverfish out of your home today, contact your local pest control company. Our technicians at Active Pest Control are proud to offer holistic pest control services that quickly eliminate silverfish infestations and keep them out for good. To learn more about our process and receive a free quote, reach out to our team today!

Why Silverfish Enter Our Homes in Georgia

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