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Wildlife Services In Georgia

There are a lot of animals that can seek harborage in and under your Georgia home. Perhaps you’ve met a few of them. Have you had a fall where your entire home stunk of skunk from the basement to the attic? Have you had your garden attacked by gophers and woodchucks? Have you had your attic infiltrated by noisy, pestilence-carrying raccoons? For two families in Cherokee County, their troubles came in the form of snakes.

In an August 12th news story from WSB-TV2, reporter Richard Elliot visited the Cherokee area to turn over some rocks and see what slithered out. Families in the area were becoming concerned after an 8-year-old boy was bitten in the leg by a non-venomous snake. The problem seems to stem from the kudzu-covered field that animal control officers say is the snakes’ domain.

Kudzu plants, a group of plants in the genus Pueraria, can turn a landscape into a work of art. But they can also entangle a home, engulf a truck and give the perfect habitat for reptiles and other pests to thrive. When conditions become right, the wildlife living under all that wonderful shade can seek a home as harborage. In the case of snakes, this can present a danger.

The son of one resident saw a snake slithering through a hole in the foundation of their house. So reporter Richard Elliot carefully opened the door to the crawl space and took a peek under. Fortunately, nothing jumped out at him, but he did spot snake skins hanging from joists and lying on the ground.

Cherokee County animal control explains that they will “happily” come remove a snake that is found in the house or in the yard, but they can’t go into the fields and search out nests. They also can’t properly seal your home and protect it from continued infestation. While animal control offers an essential service to our communities, protection from wild animals requires more than reactive measures.

Active Pest Control removes all harboring pests quickly and completely, and our experienced wildlife control specialists will work closely with you to seal entry points and remove the conditions that draw pests inside your home and onto your property. You can expect the most advanced trapping methods, modern pest control information, and effective exclusion installations available.

Don’t wait for snakes to slither into your home. Protect your family with proactive snake control from your friends here at Active Pest Control. We are a QualityPro-certified wildlife management company, and we offer guaranteed results.

Wildlife Services In Georgia in Georgia

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