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Winter Rodent Control Checklist

How to implement rodent control for your winter home in Atlanta GA - Active Pest ControlMany people think pest problems only occur in the summer, but rodent infestations are very common in the winter! According to The National Pest Management Association (NPMA), 21 million homes in the U.S. are invaded by rodents each winter. As temperatures drop, rats and mice will look to make their way indoors for warmth and shelter. To avoid the diseases and destruction brought from rodent infestations, it’s important to implement rodent control into your home each year. Keep reading for Active Pest Control’s top tips for rats and mice prevention in the winter.

Do Rats & Mice Hibernate?

While some animals—certain rodents included—hibernate during the colder months, rats and mice stay active throughout the winter. Because they remain active in these months, they are even more compelled to enter homes to escape the cold outdoors. Once inside, they will nest and spread. In addition to their destructive gnawing and tunneling, rat droppings are capable of spreading disease. Because rodent infestations are so common in the winter, it’s essential to protect your home from them.

8-Point Rodent-Proofing Checklist

Winter Rodent Control Checklist - Active Pest Control in GeorgiaThere are eight spots in particular around your property that are vulnerable to rodent intrusions. By routinely checking the following areas, you can locate where rats and mice may attempt to make their way indoors. It’s important to make any repairs promptly and, in general, keep a tidy home and yard to prevent rodents. The eight main locations to check and make repairs include:

  • Roof
  • Vents
  • Screens
  • Vegetation
  • Gutters
  • Outside
  • Garage
  • Foundation


Winter Rodent Prevention

If after reviewing our 8-point checklist, you discover areas of your home needing repair, or more specifically, areas showing definite pest activity, the experts at Active Pest Control can help. We specialize in preventing pest problems before they begin, which is why we can help implement rodent control for your home for the winter. To learn more about protecting your home from rats and mice, give our team a call today!

Winter Rodent Control Checklist in Georgia

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