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Are Mice Dangerous?

Rats and mice might seem like harmless little pests, but when they invade your space, they’re a disaster waiting to happen. Their knack for chewing and nesting can ruin your property, and they’re known for transmitting potentially dangerous diseases.

Are mice dangerous in Georgia - Active Pest Control

Rats and mice can threaten your health and safety by:

  • Chewing on your property: Rats and mice have to gnaw on hard objects to grind down their ever-growing teeth. They’ll chew on nearly anything, including your home’s foundation, insulation, or electrical wires. 
  • Contaminating your food: Since they’re scavengers, rodents aren’t the cleanest critters. They may walk through trash or sewers before walking on your countertops, which puts you at risk of contracting all sorts of bacteria or diseases. 
  • Damaging your belongings: Rodents are always on the lookout for good nesting material, from paperwork to old fabric scraps. It doesn’t take them long to ruin or contaminate your personal belongings. 

Mouse and Rat Damage

Though rats and mice are different, a lot of their behaviors lead to the same types of damage. Whether you own a home or a business in Georgia, rodents are the last thing you want to deal with. Their habit of chewing, crawling through food, and building nests can all lead to expensive and unsightly damage. Not only that, but it’s unsettling to come across live rodents or their droppings, especially if you run a business where customers frequently come and go.

Why Do Rats Chew Wires?

Many people are shocked to learn that rodents frequently spark fires. Rats and mice will gnaw on almost anything, either to grind down their teeth or to procure materials to use for their nests. While wandering through your interior walls, they may even chew on your electrical wires. If they manage to strip the insulation off of the wire, you’re at risk of experiencing an electrical fire. 

Professional Rodent Control Services

Because rodents pose a threat to your health and your property, these pests are considered one of the most dangerous in the Georgia area. If you are dealing with rats or mice and want to protect your property long-term, turn to the experts at Active Pest Control! Since 1985, our licensed team has been providing reliable rodent control services that not only eliminate the infestation but also prevent it from coming back. Reach out today to get started!

Are mice dangerous? in Georgia

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