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Rodent Learning Center

Rodent Identification

1. Types of Rodents in Georgia »

There are thousands of rodent species found across the globe. But here in Georgia, you’re most likely to encounter just a few varieties. Learn about the common rodents in our area.

Types of rodents in Georgia - Active Pest Control

2. Do I have rats or mice?  »

Though rats and mice are similar, they have a few different characteristics and behaviors that set them apart. Use these tips to figure out what type of pest you have.

Do i have rats or mice in Georgia - Active Pest Control

3. Where do rats live? »

Rodents are excellent at remaining hidden, but there are a few places in your home or business that they’re more likely to use for a nest. Find out where rats live here.

Where do rats live in Georgia - Active Pest Control

4. Are mice dangerous? »

Like all rodents, mice can be dangerous to your health and your property. Learn more about the dangers of a mouse infestation and how you can prevent one.

Are mice dangerous in Georgia - Active Pest Control

5. Do rats or mice bite? »

Rats and mice generally try to stay away from humans, but they will bite if they feel threatened. Always seek medical attention if you suspect a bite.

Grey rat on a white background - Keep pests away from your home with Active Pest Control in GA

6. What diseases do rats carry in Georgia? »

Rodents are notorious worldwide for spreading potentially deadly bacteria and pathogens in their feces, urine, and saliva. Discover what types of diseases rats carry in Georgia.

What diseases do rats carry in Georgia - Active Pest Control

Rodent Identification in Georgia

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