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Do Rats or Mice Bite?

It can be scary to come across rats or mice, especially considering their large and threatening teeth. While rodents look frightening, they don’t generally exhibit aggressive behavior. They’d much rather run away and hide than attack a person.

Do rats or mice bite in Georgia - Active Pest Control

That said, it’s helpful to know the facts about rat and mouse bites:

  • Rodent bites are rare but may happen if the rat or mouse feels threatened. 
  • Unhealthy or rabid rodents are more likely to behave aggressively. 
  • Mice are less likely to bite than rats. 
  • Rodent bites can transmit potentially fatal diseases. 
  • Though rodent bites rarely become infected, they can still be painful.

What Happens if a Rat Bites You?

Typically, a rat or mouse will only resort to biting if it’s feeling trapped or scared. You’re more likely to get bitten if you attempt to capture the critter or encounter one in the wild. These bites can range from shallow to deeper wounds that may draw blood. But the primary concern isn’t just the bite; it’s the potential risk of contracting diseases. Some deer mice carry Hantavirus, and victims of rat bites could potentially develop rat-bite fever.

What to Do If You’ve Been Bitten By a Rat

If you think you’ve experienced a rodent bite, seek medical attention immediately. Even if the bite seems minor, it could transmit dangerous bacteria or pathogens to your body. Ignoring the bite could lead to health problems within the following days or weeks. Some of the most common side effects you might notice after a rodent bite include:

  • Mild pain, swelling, or redness around the site of the bite. This may persist for a few days until the wound heals. 
  • Pus inside of the wound, particularly if your bite becomes infected. If you think your bite is infected, seek medical attention. 
  • Joint pain, fever, vomiting, and other symptoms if you’ve contracted an illness like rat bite fever. Again, speak to your doctor immediately if you experience these symptoms. 

Do All Rodents Bite?

Rodents are not generally aggressive, but most will still bite if they feel threatened or cornered. Not only that, but having rats or mice in your space puts you at risk of other serious consequences like contracting a disease or dealing with severe property damage. For that reason, it’s important to speak with a licensed exterminator if you suspect you have an infestation. They can safely get rid of the colony and prevent it from coming back. 

Do rats or mice bite? in Georgia

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