When to Call a Termite Exterminator

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When to call a termite exterminator - Expert termite control in Georgia by Active Pest Control

Termites are a serious pest with serious consequences, for mainly one reason: by the time a house has enough termites for them to be evident, the damage they have caused is enormous. The destructive habits of termites cost the United States an average of $6 billion a year, with approximately 600,000 homes battling termite invasions every year.

The Silent Danger of Termites

Termites survive by finding places where they can’t be seen. They thrive by finding undisturbed corners, places where property owners rarely go. Depending on the species, they either start underground, or within a wooden structure—slowly tunneling through soil or wood to expand, grow, and multiply their colony. Some termites build small mud tubes along exterior walls and the foundation. Eventually, the tunnels show up on interior basement walls, window trim, and door frames. Because a termite infestation begins like this, it’s even more important to take preventative steps.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

If you have seen termites, you have termites. It’s a basic theory that applies to almost every termite infestation. Even if you see termites outside of your home—for instance, in a woodpile, or under a rock—you are susceptible.

Termites swarm at different times of the year, depending on the species—either in spring or in early fall. They swarm as part of their breeding pattern, flying and gathering outdoors, and swarming termites are a sure sign that you need professional pest control. If you’re seeing them inside, then you definitely have a termite problem!

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Combatting Termites with Active

Although you might see articles online about DIY termite control, it simply is not an option. Termite colonies can extend hundreds of feet from your building, tunneling and nesting deep within the soil—on average, as deep as 1.5 feet! With a pest problem that is this widespread, you need professional help.

Active Pest Control has specially-developed tools and techniques to prevent and solve termite infestations, even infestations deep within the soil. Because we treat the whole problem, conducting thorough investigations of termite presence and patterns, we can eradicate them efficiently and over the long-term. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which allows us to treat the infestation as a whole. We combine monitoring and bait stations, soil treatments, and barrier protection to keep your property safe. If you’re seeing termites, or you suspect termite activity, don’t let your pest problem get worse—give Active Pest Control a call today!

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When to Call a Termite Exterminator in Georgia

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