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What Termites Are in Georgia?

Due to its geographic location and favorable climate, Georgia is home to a few main types of termites that infest homes year-round.

Georgia is home to several termite species within the drywood and subterranean types. The most common termites in the area include the drywood termite, subterranean termite, and formosan termite, which is the most destructive of all subterranean types. Because Georgia has warm and even humid temperatures year-round, termites in these areas are a threat during any season.

Learn what termites are in your area from Active Pest Control in Georgia and Tennessee.Common Termites in Georgia

Georgia has subtropical, humid weather during a large portion of the year, which makes for an ideal environment for termites of all kinds. Some of the most common species in Georgia include:

  1. Subterranean termite: The most common termite, these termites are cream-colored and cost property owners billions of dollars in damages each year. They are attracted to areas of wood that have been softened by rot, and require contact with soil in order to survive, which is why they travel through mud tubes.
  2. Drywood termite: Drywood termite colonies can grow to have 5,000 members and prefer dry, hard wood that is free of moisture. For this reason, they most often infest wood high above the ground in a structure or furniture inside the home. They do not require moisture as most termites do, and live and feed entirely inside the wood they are consuming.
  3. Formosan termite: These termites are a species within the subterranean type, and are most known for being the most dangerous and destructive of all subterranean termites. Formosan termites are a species of subterranean termites that are able to build nests that are lined with their feces. These nests retain the moisture that is needed for their survival and allows them to stay entirely inside the structure they are feeding on without contact with the soil.

Identifying Termites in Georgia

Unless you catch sight of swarming termites, you most likely will never see termites that have infested your home. For the most part, identifying what type of termite infestation you have will always be left to a professional who has the training and experience to diagnose infestations. No matter the type of termite you may have, it’s always important to call a professional who can correctly identify and treat the infestation before extensive damage is caused.

What Termites Are in Georgia? in Georgia

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