What Termites are in Atlanta GA?

Due to the temperate and favorable climate in Georgia, Atlanta is home to several termite species that infest homes year-round.

Georgia is home to several drywood and subterranean termite species. The most common termites in the area include the drywood termite, subterranean termite, and formosan termite, which is the most destructive of all subterranean types. Due to Atlanta’s humid and warm year-round temperatures, these wood-destroying pests pose a continuous threat to homeowners.

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Common Atlanta Termites

The hot and humid Georgia climate is the ideal environment for termites of all kinds. Some of the most common species in the central Georgia area include:

  • Drywood termite: Drywood termites are not as destructive as subterranean termites in Georgia, but can cause substantial damage. Colonies live entirely within dry, sound wood and require no external source of moisture. Signs of an infestation generally include clicking sounds coming from walls, discarded wings, feces, or frass (piles of sawdust created from their feeding).
  • Formosan termite: Formosan subterranean termites are the most aggressive and potentially destructive termite species in Atlanta. These termites are characterized by large colonies that share interconnected foraging galleries in soil. Formosan termites invade structures from the ground and will enter structures through expansion joints, cracks, and utility conduits in slabs.
  • Eastern Subterranean termite: As the most destructive termite in the nation, subterranean termites are also the most common. Found throughout the Atlanta area, Eastern subterranean termites construct nests underneath the soil, thus the name subterranean. A common sign of this species is the presence of mud tubes, inside or outside of a home. Termites make these earth-colored mud tubes primarily as a protected runway from the earth to the wood they feed upon.

What termites are in Atlanta GA? in Georgia

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