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When is Termite Season in Georgia?

Termites are active throughout the entire year but are most often seen, if ever, during the spring when swarmer termites begin to fly in order to establish new colonies.

Termites are active throughout the entire year, meaning there is no single time that is considered termite season. Because swarmers are often seen during the spring, many believe spring to be termite season; however, termites feed and reproduce throughout the fall and winter, too. Termites follow a life cycle that allows them to be more or less active through each season, making them a threat to properties year-round.

Learn when termite season starts from Active Pest Control in Georgia and TennesseeWhy Are Termites More Active in Warm Weather?

Termites thrive in warm, humid climates and typically prefer daytime temperatures that are regularly above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Because Georgia has warm or even subtropical weather year-round, termites are all the more likely to be active during every season here. That said, springtime is when many types of termites will swarm in search of a place to begin a new colony, often after rainy weather. Because these wood-boring insects are cold-blooded, warmer temperatures enable them to breed, work, and spread much more easily.

Winter Termite Activities

Although termites may be a bit more active in the spring and summer, that doesn’t mean you should neglect to check for signs of them in the winter. In the fall, termites will seek out wood or soil they can burrow through easily as they look to tunnel deep enough to protect themselves from dropping temperatures. Warm climates enable the queen termite to continue to produce and lay eggs at a steady rate, even during the winter. So although you may not see swarmers or alates between December and February, termites can still actively be chewing through wood and reproducing right under your nose.

Are Termites a Threat During Every Season?

Yes, termites pose a serious risk to homeowners during the entire year, especially in Georgia. Although termites may be buried deep in soil during the winter, warm weather at any time of the year enables them to infest and feed on wood in or around your home. It’s smart to stay vigilant about looking for signs of termites year-round in order to stop an infestation in its early stages.

When is Termite Season in Georgia? in Georgia

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