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Bald-faced Hornets in Georgia

We have hornets in Atlanta, but the insect known as the bald-faced hornet isn’t actually a hornet at all. It is actually a yellow jacket. There is only one hornet in North America; it is the European hornet (Vespa crabo). But we’re not going to be focusing on that one today.

Bald-faced hornets are in the genus Dolichovespula and build their nests in bushes and trees, or sometimes on the outside of buildings. These nests are grey, papery, and football shaped. You can identify a bald-faced hornet by the ivory-white markings on its face. If you see one of these insects or a picture of one, you may think the white markings resemble the image of a white skull. Its thorax, legs, and abdomen also have white markings on a black background. These insects typically range in size from 13 to 20 mm, with the queen being the largest.

If you happen to find a bald-faced hornet nest, or see the insects themselves around your property, be aware that these are not an insect to be taken lightly. While hornets are bad news, bald-faced hornets are extremely aggressive. If you accidentally disturb a nest, which will contain 200 to 400 insects, or even walk within three feet of one, these hornets will attack. If this happens, do not panic. To minimize the chances of being stung, remain calm and move with gentle motions. Do not swing at or swat the insects. Calmly walk away. If you make a commotion, you are more likely to get stung. This is easier said than done when you are surrounded by hornets, but it could save you from getting multiple stings, since bald-faced hornets are able to sting multiple times, injecting more venom each time.

The symptoms of a sting are pain (sometimes extreme), swelling, and redness. And if there is an allergic reaction, emergency medical attention may be required.

To reduce your chances of attracting hornets of any kind, don’t leave food outside uncovered. Hornets are attracted to food, especially sugary foods, and drinks. Don’t burn scented candles, as they are attracted to scents. Avoiding bright colored, flowery clothing and scented perfumes can help keep hornets away as well.

What can you do if you discover bald-faced hornets on your property?

Since these insects are aggressive and dangerous and can cause extreme allergic reactions, it is not advisable to try to remove nests without professional help. Here at Active Pest Control, our pest professionals are specifically trained and have specialized protective gear and equipment to remove all hornet’s nests safely and effectively. Don’t take chances with bald-faced hornets. Protect your home, family, and pets today with Active Pest Control.

Bald-faced Hornets in Georgia in Georgia

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