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Early Fall Pest Prevention Tips

Fall is almost here in sunny Atlanta, Georgia. Tree tops will be repainted as if touched by the bouncing flames of a warm winter hearth, glowing with crimson and orange hues. Fall is truly beautiful, and the lower temperatures are welcome after a hot and humid summer. What is unwelcome are all the pests that try to enter your home when temperatures cool. If you are not careful, you might find your home crawling with pests, seeking refuge from the cool autumn nights. But don’t worry, protecting your home from fall and overwintering pests isn’t impossible. With a few improvements and a couple of new pest control habits, you’ll be ready for those fall invaders.

No Entry

In order to get into your home, bugs and rodents will first need to find a way in. Cracks, holes, gaps, and open doors and windows are the entry point they’re looking for.

  • Seal exterior walls. Fill in rotted holes and gaps around windows, pipes, outlets, air conditioning units, and fixtures. If left unaddressed, smaller pests can widen these holes for larger pests.
  • Seal the cracks in your cement walls. Small cracks can be fixed with the use of liquid cement. Larger cracks need to be addressed by a professional because they can be a sign of much greater structural issues.
  • Keep any dead wood piles at least 20 feet away from the walls of your home. These piles are a perfect staging area for termites and other wood-destroying organisms, looking for a more permanent home.
  • Trim back shrubs from your exterior walls and tree foliage from your roof line. These are bridges and highways for pests to enter your home.
  • Keep mulch at least 2 feet from the wood of your home. Termites need shelter and food; mulch provides both. If mulch is touching the wood of your home, it will provide easy access for termites.

No Vacancy

Pests browse homes much like humans browse hotels. Is it cozy? Is there food? Is there a place to get a drink? Without these basic necessities, any self-respecting human would move on. The same can be said of pests.

  • Remove sources of food and water. Store away any and all leftover food in airtight plastic containers, this includes pet food. Fix leaks and clean up any spillages.
  • Cockroaches and rodents thrive in dirty environments. So clean everywhere. The cleaner your house is, the less inviting it is to pests. Consider deep cleaning your home every 3 months. This includes places you can’t see, like under furniture and around appliances.
  • Pests are not limited to eating human food. While humans may enjoy a slice of day-old pizza, pests don’t mind a slice that has been lying in the garbage for a week–they even prefer it. Like the food in your kitchen, garbage should also be contained because it is food for pests. If you have an open trash can, consider getting a can with a flip top lid.

If you need help protecting your home from invading fall pests, give us a call. Active Pest Control can help you set up a plan that will keep those pests out.

Early Fall Pest Prevention Tips in Georgia

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