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The Importance Of Fall Clean-Up

Every year, it’s the same ol’ thing: pests emerge in spring, pests build their populations all summer long and, in fall, the cold starts to drive those pests into our homes. That is why it is so important to take part in fall clean-up. Keeping your yard nice in fall isn’t just about looks. When you keep things cleaned up, you’re reducing the number of pests that will be near your exterior walls and foundation when the cold starts to make them look for a place to hide. Here are some of the ways fall clean-up will affect bugs and rodents.

Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. No matter where leaves fall, they can become an attractant for bugs.

  • When they land on the ground, they set up the conditions for moisture to build up. And lots of critters love moisture. This will have bugs hiding and breeding in your yard. It may also provide a staging area for invading bugs. So, keep those leaves raked up.
  • When they land in your gutter, they can create a clog that will have water running down the side of your home. This can lead to wood rot and wood rot is attractive to many of the pests that get into our homes. But, it will also create puddles that bugs and rodents will drink from.
  • When leaves are in a pile, rodents will take advantage of these. Rodents are skittish creatures that look for locations to hide in. When you rake up those leaves, finish the job by bagging the leaves up, or raking them to the curb.

Lawn clutter in all of its many forms is a playground for bugs and rodents.

  • Firewood piles, construction materials, and organic debris are the number one target for pests. All of these should be well away from your foundation walls.
  • Kids toys provide cover for many creatures but are also locations that bugs will use as a breeding ground.
  • General clutter is cover for rodents and attractive to many bugs. When you pick things up, you’re making your yard less interesting and reducing the number of invading pests in your yard.

Overgrowth makes a yard feel like home to bugs and rodents. Keep your grass trimmed to reduce pest populations in your yard.

The best way to reduce fall pests is to reduce pests all year long with ongoing pest control from a professional like Active Pest Control. For pest reduction and exclusion through every season, reach out to Active Pest Control. We keep homes pest-free* all year long.

The Importance Of Fall Clean-Up in Georgia

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