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The Problems Clogged Gutters Can Cause

No matter where you live in the country, clogged gutters can cause issues. But, if you live here in Macon, Georgia, where rain can happen any time of year, it is even more important to have gutters that work.

When gutters clog, they can cause water to run down the side of your home and create conditions that will allow spores to attach, and wood damage to begin. If you have a home that isn’t protected by vinyl or fiber siding, this wood damage can happen quickly. And, even with the protection that synthetic siding material can provide, water has a way of finding its way in. But, keeping large amounts of water from flowing down the side of your home isn’t the only reason to have a working gutter system. Obstructed gutters can:

  • Create overflow that will moisten the soil near your foundation, and attract subterranean termites. These are destructive insects. The fewer reasons you give these pests to target your home, the better. This dampness will also attract other moisture pests like silverfish, earwigs, centipedes, springtails, millipedes, cockroaches, and more.
  • Allow pest birds a bird bath on the roofline of your home. This will increase the odds that birds will create nests on your roof, and increase the amount of droppings left on your roof and on the side of your home.
  • Give mice and rats an incentive to build their nest near, or inside, your home. Rodents prefer to live near food and water resources. By giving them a drinking hole, you are increasing the likelihood that they will explore your exterior walls, roofline, and soffits.
  • Create a place for mosquitoes and other insects to breed within the debris collected, and makes your gutters more attractive to pests.

Protect Your Gutters

It can seem strange that a company like Active Pest Control, a leader in the pest control industry, would be an installer of guards for your gutters. But, when you’re aware of the above problems, it just makes sense. Protecting gutters is one more way that we use natural measures to protect homes from pest invasion. And, while our system is keeping you safer from bugs and wildlife issues, it will also be making your life easier. No more climbing ladders to clean those gutters out. When you have gutter guards, your gutters do what they’re supposed to do, without any assistance from you.

If you would like to learn more about gutter guards, or set up an appointment to have your roofline surveyed for installation, reach out to us today. Here in Macon, guarding gutters just makes sense. Let Active Pest Control help you get your new gutter system in place.

The Problems Clogged Gutters Can Cause in Georgia

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