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What Pests Will You See This Spring?

There are a lot of bugs and wild animals that can become pests here in Macon, Georgia. Spring is a particularly active time for a wide range of creatures and, with the mild winter we just had, we can expect even more activity this year. Here are a few of the pests you should be looking for and what measures work best to keep them in check.


There are quite a few species of ant in Georgia. Some sting. Some spread harmful bacteria. Some get into our homes and chew away at our equity. And some are just an irritating nuisance. Regardless of what ants you have, effective control begins with identifying the type of ant and selecting a bait those ants will take back to their colonies. The professionals here at Active Pest Control also track those ants down to determine the best location to place the bait. An improper placement of baits is just as ineffective as selection the wrong type of bait for the ants being targeted.


While these dirty insects can infest Macon homes any time of the year, spring is when new infestations begin to occur. We probably don’t have to tell you that cockroaches are bad to have around. They can spread harmful bacteria, carry pathogens, and exacerbate asthmatic symptoms when they infest. The solution to these pests is a combination of proper sanitation, exterior protection, and a targeted and limited application of EPA approved pesticides.


In spring, mice and rats really start to make themselves noticed. If you’re hearing bumping and thumping in your walls, or you’re finding droppings in the back of your silverware drawer, it is time to call a pest professional. Laying down traps and removing dead mice does not address the systemic problem of rodents. The speed at which these animals reproduce and the stealthy way they infest makes it extremely hard to know if you’ve gotten rid of all the infesting rodents. It is also vital to seal the entry points these creatures are using to come and go from your home.


This is the time of year to keep a wary eye out for termite swarmers. If you see tiny black insects with long white wings, take immediate action. No pests can eat you out of house and home faster than a termite.

For more information about spring pests, or for assistance with pest control, give us a call. The experts here at Active Pest Control are looking forward to serving you.

What Pests Will You See This Spring? in Georgia

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