Joro Spider


Actual Size: Female 17–25 mm / Male 7–10 mm

Characteristics: Large, brightly colored stripes of yellow and dark blue, with red toward the rear of the abdomen. Leg span up to 4 inches.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Will build large, orb shaped webs in tree branches, under eaves of homes or near porch lights. 


  • One of the few spiders that eat stink bugs.
  • Builds large orb-shaped webs that can measure up to 10 feet wide.
  • Uses a technique called “ballooning” in which they spin a web and ride the air currents to travel around.

Joro Spiders in Georgia

Joro spiders are native to Asia but have spread to North America, and first arrived in Georgia around 2013. Research has shown that Joro spiders have a shorter life-cycle and can survive colder temperatures. In their native range, Joro spiders live in relatively cold climates – the average January temperature of northern Honshu, Japan is 25–32 °F. That being said, it’s likely the spider will spread throughout eastern North America as far north as Pennsylvania and possibly further in warmer, coastal areas. 

Joro Spider Habitat

As with most spiders, Joro spiders build their webs in locations where insects are more likely to become entangled in the web. Webs are built near porch lights and under eaves of homes. Since insects are attracted to light, by creating a web near a light, the spider increases its chances of catching prey. Females build webs on the underside of eaves, where their egg sacs will be protected from wind and weather conditions.

Joro Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Joro spiders are relatively harmless to humans and pets, making their presence more of a nuisance than a threat. Joros won’t bite unless cornered, and their fangs are rarely large enough to penetrate human skin. These spiders overwinter as eggs in a papery silk egg sac. The egg sac can be transported through the air using a process called ballooning. Ballooning spiderlings can travel hundreds of miles, especially if they are picked up by strong winds and storms.

Always contact your local spider control experts for help with Joro Spiders.