How Much Does Termite Damage Cost to Repair?

Termite infestations are a major threat to homes, especially in Georgia. In addition to the inconvenience caused by termite infestations, the costs involved are notoriously high. In the United States alone, termite damage costs homeowners more than 5 billion dollars in repairs each year. The average homeowner will pay about $3,000 to cover the expenses of repairing any structural or cosmetic damage caused by termites.

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Cosmetic vs. Structural Termite Damage

It’s one thing to have termites outside your home, it’s another issue once they access your house and start feeding on wood. The fortunate homeowner will catch termite activity before too much destruction has been done, and the only repairs needed are cosmetic. If termite damage is not caught in time, the cost of home repairs will significantly increase.

  1. Cosmetic damage: Termites can cause discoloration in walls and floors as their activity damages and decays wood. Their burrowing activity can result in hardwood floors bending and buckling, discolored areas on drywall, and chipping paint on walls. Cosmetic damage repairs can cost a few hundred dollars to several thousand in repairs.
  2. Structural damage: Compared to cosmetic damage, the structural damage created by termites is substantially worse. When termites chomp their way through structural beams or walls in your home, the destruction is extremely expensive to repair. While the extent and damage of a termite infestation vary, homeowners generally pay at least a few thousand dollars in structural repairs.

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Further Costs of Termite Infestations

Finding out that you have a termite infestation is a shock, and can cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket. Knowing what to expect when you have a termite infestation is essential, along with being proactive when looking for signs of termites in the home. By staying consistent, performing regular inspections, and employing prevention measures, you can hopefully avoid the high costs of termite damage repairs.