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Moles may appear harmless, but they’re actually responsible for a lot of damage in gardens and yards every year. If you’ve noticed raised ridges in your landscape, chances are the culprit is a mole. These unique creatures tunnel underground, making them particularly apt at destroying gardens, landscaping, and more. If you’ve ever had ground moles, you likely were hesitant to remove them yourself. That’s where the mole trapping & removal experts at Active Pest Control come in.

We know that moles in your yard can be a big nuisance. We also know it can be dangerous to get rid of them yourself, which is why we’re happy to help with humane ground mole removal services.

Are Ground Moles Dangerous?

Moles are most feared for their ability to cause destruction in your garden or backyard. But do moles bite? Moles are fairly harmless and although they have some teeth, they typically only eat grubs. Although they don’t pose a serious threat to humans, they need to be handled before they cause serious damage to your yard. Because the most efficient lawn removal method is by literally catching it and releasing it elsewhere, it’s absolutely necessary to call in the help of a professional mole trapping & removal company.

Who Do You Call to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard?

No one wants lawn moles tearing up their grass or garden. But how do you get rid of a ground mole safely? The answer is to always hire a yard mole removal service. Wild animals of all kinds are unpredictable, including moles. Trying to get rid of them yourself isn’t just dangerous for you—it endangers the mole as well. This makes it imperative to get professional help. At Active Pest Control, we provide humane trapping and removal through safe and effective methods.

Atlanta’s Best Mole Trapping & Removal Services

Getting rid of lawn moles can be tricky once they begin to burrow on your property. The wildlife removal experts at Active Pest Control use humane, environmentally responsible methods that are in accordance with your local regulations. This may include creating barriers around lawns and gardens, or trapping the moles. We will also return if the problem isn’t taken care of in one visit. For more information on our lawn mole removal, contact us!

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