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Nuisance wildlife problems can be a pain for any property owner. They can also be dangerous, making it important to always enlist the help of a trained wildlife removal or trapping company. At Active Pest Control, we know that wild animals on your property can cause distress. However, it’s important to remember that these animals are often in distress as well!

Trying to remove them yourself endangers not just you or your family, but the wildlife as well. Our experts are proud to provide the Georgia area with safe and humane wildlife trapping services.

Wildlife Removal Services

When wild animals get onto your property, they’re often driven by their hunt for food or shelter. Once inside your home or yard, they can cause a lot of damage. Whether you have moles burrowing in your lawn or squirrels that have made their way into your attic, it’s essential to never attempt DIY wildlife removal. A professional wildlife trapping expert can remove the animals in a manner that is safe for you, your family, and the animals involved.

Humane Wildlife Trappers

Active Pest Control uses traps that capture but do not injure or kill the animal. Our nuisance wildlife trapping consists of a wire cage with an overhead door at one or both ends. Our wildlife trappers select traps appropriate for the species involved, and we are sure to obtain permits for trapping where required. We strive to release the animal back into the wild away from residential areas. Contact us today to learn more!

Wildlife Trapping & Removal for YOUR HOME

Why is Trapping Good for Wildlife?

Wildlife trapping plays an important role in wildlife management services. Some of the benefits of wildlife trapping services include:

  1. We are able to safely remove all animals from your property using humane methods that minimize any risk to the animals themselves.
  2. From there, we can relocate and release the animals back into their natural habitats where they belong.
  3. We can partner with local nonprofits or organizations to help rehabilitate any sick or injured animals.

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Who Do You Call to Remove Wild Animals?

Wildlife removal should never be done on your own. Certain animals, such as squirrels and opossums, can carry dangerous bacteria. Others, like snakes and raccoons, can be aggressive when approached or threatened. For this reason, it’s absolutely essential to call the wildlife removal experts at Active Pest Control when you need wildlife trapping or removal on your Atlanta GA area property.


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We really appreciate that Jeff is always on time! He always wears show covers from before the pandemic. Gives us an explanation of what he is doing makes us comfortable. Thank you so much, he is wonderful!

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Wildlife Trapping & Removal in Georgia

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