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Snake in grassNothing enjoys your time outdoors like finding a snake slithering through your garden, especially if you aren’t sure whether or not it’s dangerous. Dealing with snakes can be stressful and potentially harmful depending on the species, but don’t worry—you don’t have to put your health and safety at risk. Active Pest Control proudly offers fast and efficient snake removal services. From removing individual snakes to eliminating nests, we’re here to help. 

Common Snakes in Georgia

The weather in Georgia is fairly warm all year long, which unfortunately means that snakes are a common problem here no matter the season. While there are hundreds of species across the country, you’re most likely to find one of these snakes in your backyard:

  • Banded water snake: Has a stout body with distinctive dark crossbands on a background color that can range from brown to reddish, and its belly is marked with black and white or yellowish patterns.
  • Brown snake: Small and slender, usually brown or gray with a lighter, often pinkish belly, and a series of dark spots or streaks running down its back.
  • Canebreak rattlesnake: Heavy, thick body with a base color of pinkish-tan to gray, overlaid with dark chevron-shaped crossbands and a distinctive rusty stripe running down its back.
  • Common garter snake: Thin and has three yellow or white stripes running lengthwise down its body, which can range in color from green to brown. Most have a pattern of dark spots between the stripes. 
  • Pine snake: Large, robust snake with a cream to light gray base color, covered with black, brown, or reddish blotches that become more pronounced towards the tail, and a distinctly pointed snout.
  • Common water snake: Thick body with a background color of gray to brown, marked with dark crossbands or blotches, and its belly is often white, yellow, or gray with dark crescent-shaped spots.

Are Snakes in Georgia Dangerous?

Most of the snakes in Georgia are fairly harmless to humans, but they may still strike if they feel threatened. The Canebreak Rattlesnake in particular is a venomous species, and their bites can be dangerous without immediate medical attention. While most snakes in our area try to avoid contact with humans, they are still wild animals that can cause harm if they are provoked. 

How to Prevent Snakes in Your Garden

Keeping snakes out of your garden isn’t an easy task. These creatures prefer being outdoors where there’s plenty of vegetation and things for them to eat, which often make our yard a safe haven for them to survive. That said, there are still some steps you can take to keep snakes away:

  • Eliminate Food Sources: Reduce the population of rodents, insects, and other small animals that snakes prey on by keeping your garden clean and using pest control methods.
  • Remove Shelter: Clear away piles of rocks, wood, and other debris where snakes might hide. Keep grass and vegetation trimmed to reduce cover.
  • Seal Entry Points: Check for and seal any gaps or holes in your home’s foundation, walls, and fences that could allow snakes to enter.
  • Install Barriers: Consider adding snake-proof fencing, ensuring it is buried a few inches into the ground to prevent snakes from burrowing underneath.

Why Get Professional Snake Removal?

Attempting to get rid of snakes on your property on your own can be dangerous for a number of reasons. There are several things to keep in mind when you notice a snake inside or outside your home:

  • While not all snakes are aggressive, some are venomous and will strike when they feel threatened. A snake removal expert will be able to correctly identify the species and implement trapping services that are safe.
  • The appearance of one snake on your property could be a sign that you have a nest elsewhere. It also could be a sign of other pest problems, as snakes are attracted to rodents and insects.
  • Snakes are known to be great at hiding, and it can be hard to locate their preferred environment inside the home. A professional snake trapping team can locate the snake for you and implement humane removal efforts.

Snake Removal FAQs

Yes! Pest control professionals are here to help you deal with any snake problem. Whether you have a single snake that you want removed or you’re worried that more are nesting on your property, experts are always here to help.

The cost of professional snake removal can vary based on factors such as the species of snake, the difficulty of the removal, and your location. That said, it’s generally less expensive than potential hospital bills resulting from a snake bite, making it a wise investment if you’re concerned about a snake on your property.

Permanently getting rid of snakes can be challenging due to their elusive nature and ability to find new entry points. The most effective way to achieve lasting peace of mind is by hiring professional snake control services. 

These experts can accurately identify and remove snakes, seal potential entry points, and implement comprehensive prevention strategies tailored to your property. While DIY methods can provide temporary relief, professional services ensure a thorough and lasting solution.

Snake repellents, such as mothballs, sulfur, and ammonia, are common DIY methods people use to deter snakes. While these repellents may have some effect, they are rarely effective on their own. 

Snakes often become accustomed to these substances, and their effectiveness diminishes over time. For more reliable results, it’s best to combine repellents with other preventative measures or professional services.

Who to Call for Snake Removal and Trapping in Georgia

When you spot a snake within your yard, your home, or your business space, you likely want it gone ASAP. Most people feel understandably frightened to have snakes on their property. It’s also a potential threat if the snake is a more dangerous species. For this reason and more, always contact the wildlife removal experts here at Active Pest Control for quick and effective services.

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