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While snakes prefer to be out in nature, they are a common residential pest problem here in Atlanta throughout the year. Our region is home to many snake species, including pine snakes, garter snakes, and even rattlesnakes. Though they prefer to stay out of the way of people, snakes can strike when provoked or if they sense danger. For this reason, it’s crucial to always enlist the help of a professional with experience safely removing or trapping snakes on your property.

Active Pest Control is proud to be your local snake removal expert. We know how terrifying snakes can be, and are happy to provide quick, safe, and effective trapping services.

The Importance of Professional Snake Removal

Attempting to get rid of snakes on your property on your own can be dangerous for a number of reasons. There are several things to keep in mind when you notice a snake inside or outside your home:

  • While not all snakes are aggressive, some are venomous and will strike when they feel threatened. A snake removal expert will be able to correctly identify the species and implement trapping services that are safe.
  • The appearance of one snake on your property could be a sign that you have a nest elsewhere. It also could be a sign of other pest problems, as snakes are attracted to rodents and insects.
  • Snakes are known to be great at hiding, and it can be hard to locate their preferred environment inside the home. A professional snake trapping team can locate the snake for you and implement humane removal efforts.

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Home

At Active Pest Control, we focus not only on taking care of any current snake problems you have but also on helping you to prevent future snake problems. This includes identifying and sealing any areas around your building where snakes could enter and create a nest. We will also provide you with tips that will make your surrounding property less attractive to snakes and other pests that may attract snakes. Long-term snake control requires the expertise of a professional.

Who to Call for Snake Removal and Trapping in Atlanta

When you spot a snake within your yard, your home, or your business space, you likely want it gone ASAP. Most people feel understandably frightened to have snakes in their property. It’s also a potential threat if the snake is a more dangerous species. For this reason and more, always contact the wildlife removal experts here at Active Pest Control for quick and effective services.

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