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Raccoons typically stay away from people, but they can cause quite a raucous and are known to get aggressive. These wild animals are infamous for tipping over trash cans in search of food but are also known to nest in your attic, under the eaves of your rooftop, or in the top of your chimney. Needless to say, raccoons can pose a big threat to your Atlanta area property, which is why it’s crucial to enlist the help of a licensed professional for raccoon trapping and removal services.

At Active Pest Control, we know that raccoons can be dangerous for you and your family. Our raccoon removal experts can help.

Dangers of Raccoons in Atlanta

Out in the wild, raccoons avoid contact with humans and pose little threat. When raccoons get in residential areas, however, they can feel on edge and show more aggression. In addition to their behavior, raccoons can carry and spread bacteria and germs. Along with health hazards, raccoons can also cause significant damage to your property:

  • If determined enough, raccoons can enter your home through the chimney or roof and cause significant structural damage in the process.
  • With their sharp claws and teeth, they can easily damage your siding, insulation, wiring, and many other structures.
  • If a raccoon decides to chew on your electrical wiring, you could find yourself without power or at a high risk of starting a fire.

Who Do You Call to Remove Racoons?

If you’ve ever encountered these wild animals, you may wonder how to get rid of a raccoon safely. The answer is to always call a professional raccoon trapping or removal company. When they feel threatened, raccoons can exhibit aggressive, unpredictable behaviors that can be dangerous for you and your family. This makes it imperative to get professional help. At Active Pest Control, we provide humane trapping and removal through safe and effective methods. We also will identify the vulnerabilities on your property that may lead to future infestations.

Safe Raccoon Trapping and Removal Services

Never attempt to remove raccoons from your property by yourself. These creatures may appear cute but can be unpredictable and very aggressive. Whether you need raccoon removal or want to prevent wildlife from finding your home attractive, call the expert wildlife removal team at Active Pest Control for more information.

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