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Exclusion Services In Marietta

Here in Marietta, we have a wide variety of animals that come into our yards. They scramble up our trees, flutter through the air, scurry along the ground, bound across fence lines, slither around bushes and rocks, perch on tree branches, and more. But, while wildlife may be nice to look at, these animals that come up near our exterior walls are often not content to stay on their side of those walls.

If you have a gap around pipes or electrical conduit, they will be happy to explore them. If you have holes in your wood, they will have no problem chewing on those holes to make them big enough to slip through. If your screens are damaged, they will exploit those vulnerabilities. If your eaves, soffits, or roof line are accessible, some animals will take notice. If you’ve left a window unlocked, some animals have the dexterity to slide those windows open and just climb into your home. That’s right raccoons; we’re looking at you. There are many ways animals can get into your home.

When an animal gets in, it is sometimes possible to run them out. That squirrel doesn’t want to be in your living room any more than you want it to be. If you open a door, he might use it as an opportunity to escape. But, most of the time wildlife invasions will be in places that are not as obvious–or as accessible. This makes it really hard to get them out if you don’t have the proper gear and training.

The best way to deal with wildlife invasions is to be proactive. When animals come to explore your home, it is important that they don’t find any entry points or vulnerabilities. If you are mechanically inclined, you can apply lumber, hardware cloth, mortar, and steel flashing to seal any openings, cracks, or gaps that might be exploited. If you are mechanically disinclined, or you want to know for sure that all areas have been adequately reinforced, Active Pest Control can help.

We offer the most comprehensive and professional exclusion services in the Marietta Georgia area. Our team of wildlife professionals have the skill set to not only apply materials in a way that will stand the test of time, they know which materials are needed and where they must be applied for the greatest benefit.

When squirrels and other rodents come to nibble their way in, let them find your walls protected. When raccoons scale your walls, let them find locked windows and a chimney cap. When bats try to get into your home, let these, and other pest animals, know they’re not welcome, with a little help from the friendly and knowledgeable wildlife exclusion team here at Active Pest Control.

Exclusion Services In Marietta in Georgia

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