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Keep Atlanta Wildlife Out Of Your Home

A while back, we used to keep a large bird feeder dangling from a Shepard’s hook in the backyard. Right around mid-summer, we noticed that the feeder was on the ground and completely empty each morning when we went out. We nervously suspected a bear to be the culprit, as the hook hadn’t moved and was up quite high. One night, we did our version of a stake out which was waiting in the dark kitchen looking out the window and every few minutes shining a flashlight at the feeder. Much to our surprise the true villains were two crafty raccoons. One would climb the pole so it would bend over toward the ground and the other would reach up and just lift the feeder off. Mystery solved.

Wildlife left unchecked near your home can be a real problem. Squirrels, raccoons, skunks and other varmints, while particularly furry and cute outside, will make a lot of problems around your property and in your home if they are encouraged to be too close. These animals are attracted to your property by two things, food and a warm place to spend the winter. If they are easily able to get food by getting into your trash bins, bird seed, or pet foods that you have stored, they will keep coming back. The mess alone is enough to make you want to lock up the trash. If they are comfortable enough these pests will search for a way into your inviting home either through the chimney or vents, if they can get to them they have the ability to do hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Squirrels and raccoons, in particular, have been known to rip up insulation, and any other soft material to nest in. This causes problems when they leave behind waste, which contains bacteria and really, no one wants these animals to move into their home!

The professionals at Active Pest Control believe that the best way to get a wild animal out of your house is to make sure they cannot enter in the first place. In Atlanta, their wildlife exclusion programs can safely rid your property of whatever damaging pests are becoming a problem using live traps designed capture the animal without doing any harm to it. They know just where to look for places that wildlife might enter. One of their trained technicians will seal off these entry points so that animals can no longer get in.

Residents in Atlanta have counted on Active Pest Control for years for their pest and wildlife control needs. Call them today to talk about wildlife exclusion. One of their technicians will be on their way to your property to do a thorough inspection and explain just how this program works. In no time at all you can be back to enjoying nature again where it belongs, outside.

Keep Atlanta Wildlife Out Of Your Home in Georgia

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