Meet Jonathan Lucas

Has it really been a month already? My, how time flies when you are busy saving homes and businesses from the adverse effects of pests! But, we checked the calendar, and it really is time for us to highlight one of the amazing members of our Active Pest Control family. This month, we have chosen to introduce you to Jonathan Lucas. Jonathan is one of our services consultants with structural pest control certification. He is, perhaps, the first voice you talk to or the first face that you see when you are looking for pest protection services.

Jonathan knows pests; and he knows the problems that they can cause, which is why he works so tirelessly to keep the homes and businesses in our community safe. He is friendly, professional, and always willing to go the extra mile to serve our community by helping you find the pest protection services that are just right to handle the pests that you are dealing with and to keep new foraging pests at bay. He has an intricate understanding of the many industry leading services that we offer, and you can count on him to help you to choose the exact services that you need, nothing more!

His favorite pest is the termite. Jonathan finds it challenging to deal with termites and knows how secretive and elusive they can be. He also knows that a home or business without proper termite monitoring and control service is a home that is in danger of severe and costly damages. He puts it this way, “Not having termite protection on your home is like driving your car without car insurance!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

When Jonathan is not busy helping you protect your home or business from pests, he is spending time with his wife, Valerie, and their two children, Kristen and Jordan. Jonathan says that he has been “married for 32 years – all in a row – to the same person!” which in today’s world is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations Jonathan and Valerie!

If you, too, possess the commitment, dedication, and drive that Jonathan does, we want to talk with you. We are always looking for hard-working, committed people to join the Active Pest Control family. Contact us today to learn more about our competitive wages, excellent benefits package, and positive work environment. Who knows; our next blog might just highlight you!

Meet Wayne Sloman

Another month, another employee for you to meet! We are always so excited to introduce you to our Active Pest Control family of pest professionals because we want you to know like we do, what exceptional people we have on our team; and this month’s choice is certain not to disappoint!

Wayne Sloman is the perfect example of the honest, hard-working men and women that we look for in prospective employees. That is because when we hire new employees, they are not just taking a job with us. They are becoming a part of our extended family; and they represent our name each time they don one of our uniforms, which is why we utilize drug testing and background checks as a part of our stringent hiring process. Typically, our new hires are such a great fit that many stay with us for years. A career with Active Pest Control is a rewarding experience that not only broadens your horizons but also leaves you with a true sense of fulfillment at the end of each day. This is exactly what Wayne was looking for in a career, and it is exactly what he found here at Active Pest Control.

Wayne has been a part of the pest control industry for over 32 years and has spent the past four years representing the Active Pest Control family. As a registered pest control technician, Wayne loves to meet new people and loves to help homeowners solve their pest problems. When asked what he likes best about working here at Active Pest Control, Wayne replied, “I love meeting new people and helping them with their pest problems.” We love that commitment and dedication to our valued customers!

Although there are many pests that Wayne is called on to eradicate, the yellow jacket is his favorite pest to deal with. While most outside the pest control industry will tuck tail and run from a swarm of these ferocious, aggressive pests, Wayne bravely wades right into their nesting sites and mounts his offensive successfully. Wayne states, “I enjoy treating yellow jackets as long as I don’t get stung!” And I am sure that he occasionally takes one for the team, but it is rare.

When Wayne is not busy defending homes against invading pests, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 46 years, Linda, their daughter, and their two grandchildren. Often, Wayne and Linda can be found picking for antiques and collectibles or traveling.

If you or someone you know possesses the high qualities that we are looking for in our prospective employees, consider joining our team of trusted professionals. It all begins with an application. Stop by one of our offices or visit our careers page.

Meet Brad Couey

Meet Brad. Brad Couey is our general manager in Rome, Georgia, and has been a member of the Active Pest Control family for almost 9 years. As a trusted member of the family, Brad serves the Rome area by overseeing all aspects of our pest control operations here. Not only is Brad a natural leader who leads by example, but he is not afraid to pull up his sleeves and ‘get dirty down in the trenches’ when he needs to. He is the kind of guy that would never expect his employees to do a task that he himself wouldn’t tackle which earns him the respect of all that work with him and for him. He also loves to meet people and take care of their problems which makes him an excellent representative to our clients. His determination, education, and experience help him to solve even the most difficult pest issues here in the Rome area.

Brad is registered in Georgia and has his Georgia commercial mosquito license. He is also a certified operator in Alabama – that coupled with his experience and training makes him the perfect choice to head up our Rome office. He has experience in a wide variety of pest issues, but his favorite to tackle is the termite. These elusive and destructive creatures quite often pose a challenge, but Brad is ready and equipped to handle even the toughest and most difficult to reach termite colony.

When Brad is not on the front lines of the pest control battle here in Rome, he is at home with his beautiful wife of 17 years or in the bleachers at one of his two children’s sporting events. While they are both still quite young, it won’t be long before you will find him in the high school stadium cheering them on.

Family is important to Brad, and he loves spending time outdoors with them. Whether it is a walk in the park, a trip to the playground, or a stroll in the woods, the Couey family can be found together having fun.

Brad Couey is a valued member of the Active Pest Control family. He is equipped with the integrity and strength of character that we look for when we expand our ‘family’. If you are looking for much more than a career, consider pest control and consider talking with us. We are always looking for upstanding, trustworthy, hard-working individuals, like Brad Couey, to adopt into our family.

Meet Kenneth Green Utility Technician

One of the greatest assets we have here at Active Pest Control is our employees. They undergo a rigorous hiring process to ensure that we only bring the best and the brightest into the Active Pest Control family. It is important to us that our employees reflect the integrity and grit that has made Active Pest Control the pillar of the pest control industry that it is today, and that has helped us to grow to rank as the 30th largest pest control company in the country (out of over 19,000!). It took a lot of hard work, quality service, and determination to get here, but we aren’t done yet.

Each month we offer you the opportunity to meet one of our valued ‘family members’ in order to help you to know the faces that you will meet and greet as we work to keep you and your home or business pest free. It is always an honor for us to introduce you to our quality pest control specialists that are a trusted part of our team.

This month, we would like to introduce you to Kenneth Green. Ken is a Utility Tech that has been a part of our family for 11 years now. His professionalism, honesty, and hard work ethic have made him an invaluable and integral part of our pest control team.

Ken’s favorite pest to deal with is the termite. Termites are always a challenge and require patience and determination to conquer. This pest is a perfect fit for Ken’s steady hand and his attention to detail. Termites don’t stand a chance when Ken is on the job!

One of the things that Ken likes best about working here at Active Pest Control is the fact that we are a family owned pest control company. It is a real joy to him to work for a company that treats you like family instead of just a number; especially since this company also treats its clients that same way.

Although Ken is a key member of our family, we do allow him some down time to rewind and refresh. During this time, Ken loves to relax by hiking and camping in our State Parks, and on those occasions that he feels a bit more adventurous, Ken enjoys spending time at motorcycle rallies.

If you would like to discover what it means to become a family member instead of just an employee, stop by and talk with us. We are always looking for quality professionals to add to our growing family!