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Why Silverfish Enter Our Homes

The answer to this question is simply that they can. But, no pest control question ever has a simple answer. Let’s break this down into three parts and see if we can get some insight into the insect known as the silverfish. If you have silverfish in your home, it is because they had a […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Wolf Spiders in Georgia

Everything You Need to Know About Wolf Spiders in Georgia April 25, 2018 The sight of a spider is enough to send most of us scrambling. But imagine that you’re not simply dealing with a tiny, reclusive webslinger and instead a massive, fast-moving predator. With their large size and venomous bite, it’s no wonder wolf […]

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3 Important Facts about Wasps and Hornets

Because of the possibility of painful hornet stings, it’s necessary to make sure that in combating their presence, you’re working with pest control specialists who are trained in getting rid of these creatures safely and quickly. Improper disposal of a hornet’s next may cause these creatures to swarm and attack the person who is disturbing […]

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The Trouble with Termites: How Termites Can Ruin Your Home

If you’ve ever experienced a termite infestation, then you know how devastating it can be to have to deal with getting rid of the colony, addressing the structural damage, and preventing future infestations. It can be a long and difficult process, but fortunately, it can also be manageable with help from the right pest control […]

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